2017 Rods ‘N Rhodies 10th Annual Invitational Car Show!

The Rods ‘N Rhodies Car Show will be a fun family event. Heceta Beach Vacation Rentals is currently available for those who would like to have a fun beach vacation experience while attending this popular show. Go to https://hecetabeachvacationrentals.com to learn about our three different rental configurations – Only one configuration is rented at a time so you will have exclusive use of all of the rental amenities, including the hot tub, patio with grill, and sun-room. Third floor has stunning ocean views!

– Rebecca Mandeville, Owner, Heceta Beach Vacation Rentals

The car show is September 8, 2017 @ 11:00 AM – September 11, 2017 @ 2:00 PM

2017 Rods N Rhodies

SEPTEMBER 8-10 Rods ’n Rhodys and the Community-wide Garage Sale

Join us in Historic Old Town for the 10th annual Rods ’n Rhodys Invitational. And because it’s an invitational, you know you’ll see some of the most gorgeous, amazing, awe-inspiring hot rods in America line Bay Street in Historic Old Town. Enjoy great food, music, a classic cruise, and create turbocharged memories! Then, pick up a handy guide and hit the bargain trail to see all the commercial and private sales all over town.




17 places to watch the 2017 solar eclipse around Oregon

2017 Wings & Wheels Is Just Around The Corner!

Plan your 4th of July weekend in Florence at Wings and Wheels!
• This is an outstanding event for the family.
• Antique and Custom Airplanes and Cars.
• Lots of action, demonstrations, Displays and good food.
• Music provided by Back In Time
This is one of those events you look forward to …and return to every year.
The show is open to anyone with a show worthy car.
• All years, makes and models welcome.

Oregon Coast Whale Watching: 6 to 20 Sightings a Day!

Oregon Coast Whale Watching: 6 to 20 Sightings a Day

Published 06/08/2017 at 6:03 AM PDT
By Oregon Coast Beach Connection staff

Sourced from http://www.beachconnection.net/

Oregon Coast Whale Watching: 6 to 20 Sightings a Day

(Depoe Bay, Oregon) – There isn’t much that gets people more excited about visiting the Oregon coast than a good run of whale watching, and that’s exactly what’s happening right now. The official numbers on the central Oregon coast are an average of six to 20 whales spotted a day, in areas scattered all over that section. From Yachats up to Lincoln City (which includes Newport, Seal Rock, Waldport, Gleneden Beach and Depoe Bay), there have been lots of reports of gray whales wandering the region, and social media is filled with quite a few videos of whales spouting.

Luke Parsons, head of the Whale Watch Center in Depoe Bay, said it all started back during March’s Whale Watch Week. The numbers were good then as the grays slowly swam their way up to feeding grounds closer to Alaska, and with a generally good run of weather conditions they seem to be sticking around.

“We had a very busy and successful spring whale watch week, and it’s just really kind’a continued on,” Parsons said. “We definitely have our summertime resident whales along the central Oregon coast, and we’re seeing six to 20 a day, as long as the weather allows.”

Parsons said plenty of reports have come in from all over Lincoln County. While those numbers of six to 20 sightings per day come from the Depoe Bay center, he said he’s getting enough callers about whales in other areas that those numbers are likely steady up and down that geographic range.

They’ve been coming quite close to shore, according to many reports and videos. There have been numerous reports of them hanging out close to the Cape Perpetua Visitors Center near Yachats.

A good rule of thumb: if reports are this good from shore, you can bet the whale watch boat tours are riding high on even more whale encounters.

“Last month we had a group of Bottlenose whales come through, and the Orcas were here for four or five days,” he said. “We’re definitely gearing up for another good summer of whale watching.”

The biggest factor is most often weather. If seas are rough and it’s windy, the whale steer clear of near-shore activity. Large waves also create big gullies that makes the whales hard to see.

Every year, there are what officials call the “resident whales” along the central coast, attracted to this area because of lots of krill and mycid shrimp. They linger here, and often it’s the same ones each year, sometimes year-round. But others come and go and are replaced by other cetacean loiterers.

These areas are full of this food source because of the thick kelp forests. Gray whales chomp on about 500 pounds to 2,000 pounds of the tiny creatures every day.

There are some special encounters that can leave witnesses breathless, however. Such as when the whales get real close. Often, this is because the mother whales are trying to keep their babies away from predators, such as Orcas. However, Parsons said gray whales can feel more comfortable in shallow water than Orcas or other whales, and that tends to chase the killer whales away.

“Studies have shown these whales feel comfortable in as little as six feet of water,” Parsons said.

Even more spectacular is when the grays are apparently quite curious about you. Sometimes a whale will do a maneuver called a spyhop, where they pop out of the water and then flop back in again, mostly to take a look around them. Parsons, along with many boat tour operators, believe this is when a real connection can happen.

“There have been a few occasions when they spyhop in front of the visitor center, and I’m pretty sure they’re staring right at us,” he said. “I do think they’re curious. Especially the young ones.” Where to stay for this event – Where to eatMap and Virtual Tour – More about Oregon Coast Whales.

Great Horseback Riding Weather On Baker Beach This Week!

Winny on beachIt’s a great time to ride on the beach, warm and hardly any wind. Great horses to rent in Florence at C&M Stables and the Sapphire Sands Vacation Suite still has a few openings left in June and July. Mention this post and receive a 10% discount on the first two nights of your stay. Immersion Experiences with my own horses also available! Details at https://sapphiresandsvacationsuite.com

July 4th Celebration In Historical Old Town!

Join us in Old Town for fun all day. Watermelon and Pie eating contests for all ages. Fireworks at dusk.Fireworks-Image-1831185498

12:30 Sign up for Pie & Watermelon Eating Contests – Contests begin at 1pm. Plus more games & prizes! Fireworks at dusk – approximately 9:45pm
Additional parking for the Fireworks at the Event Center (715 Quince St) and the west end of Bay St.


July 4, 2017
12:00 PM
July 4, 2017
11:00 PM

Beach Weather Is Here!

Heceta Beach blue skyIt’s a wonderful time to visit Heceta Beach and the Sapphire Sands Vacation Suite in Florence, Oregon. There are still some days left in June, July is nearly sold out. Mention this blog post to receive a 10% discount on the first two nights of your stay. Airbnb is the most cost-effective way to book your stay at this enchanting suite, which is just 300 feet from Heceta Beach. Hoping to see you soon!

– Rebecca Mandeville, Owner / Host of Sapphire Sands Vacation Suite